Friday, 10 May 2019

On the move...

As some of you may know I was elected (unopposed) at the recent local elections to Totton Town Councillor.

In order to keep everything in one place, I have set up a Facebook page, which you can find here:

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

101 does work!

I keep hearing people say that they didn't bother calling Police on 101 to report an incident because "they don't do anything".

Well, I called 101 a few days back to report a "suspicious incident".

Received a voicemail the following day to say the neighbourhood team had been informed, sadly no one was found, but patrols would be altered to cover the area in question for a while. Maybe they'll come across the scallywags another evening and catch them red handed - I hope so. Personally, I couldn't really ask for more from the Police - what else could they do under the circumstances?

The police *do* listen and *do* take action but can only do so if we report it. I think maybe they fall down a little on keeping the public up to date. I can see why this isn't top priority for them, given their workloads, but I know how frustrating it is for us, the public.

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Why Don't We Win Eurovision?

So, the UK has picked yet another another naff song as our entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Is it any surprise we never win? Why on earth don't we pick a better song and bring the trophy back home?

Truth is, the BBC does not want to win!

It costs something like £40m to host the ESC, money which the BBC cant afford. This is in addition to the money we already pay to be in the European Broadcasting Union and the extra fees we pay to get an automatic place in the final. 

Azerbijan shelled out £47m on hosting after their victory in 2011. The plan was that it'd help their tourist industry but once the dust settled they realised it had only brought in an additional £7m.

If the UK won then they'd have to go cap-in-hand to the government and ask it for a hand out. There'd be uproar when there are so many good causes hard up for cash. The result is the Beeb are always entering OK-but-a-bit-rubbish songs because we want to lose but not make it obvious that we're throwing the race!

Many people believe we do poorly because the rest of Europe hates us. Just look at our choice of entries over recent years and you'll realise our neighbours have probably got it spot on.

I mean, if the EU nations *really* wanted to screw us over, all they'd have to do is vote for us to win the European Song Contest!

New Industrial Estate for Calmore

Plans have been submitted for a new Industrial Park in Calmore:

Nestled between the AFC Totton stadium and The Little Testwood Farm caravan site, the development would comprise six units.

The proposal is for a mixture of business, general industrial, storage and trade counter units.

It's not known at this stage when a final decision will be made. Whilst it will mean an increase in traffic on that bit of the A36, it's an unattractive site and it's thought it could create more than 50 new jobs for the local area.

Aerial view of proposed site:

Planning reference is: 18/11691

Tank Traps at Testwood

Wandering about the other day and I came across these "Dragon's Teeth" near Testwood lakes, next to one of the bridges:

It struck me as an unusual place to install these things? Perhaps they were expecting invading Nazi troops to make their way up the River Test under the cover of darkness and unload their equipment inland, thus avoiding costal defences?

Does anyone know of any other WW2 relics in the Totton area? Let me know in the comments section below.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Testwood School is GOOD!

Testwood School in Totton have just released the results of their latest OFSTED inspection and were judged to be GOOD.

Congratulations to pupils, staff, parents and of course Headteacher Mrs Pitman!

You can find the report, and previous ones here:

Thursday, 7 February 2019

On the move...

As some of you may know I was elected (unopposed) at the recent local elections to Totton Town Councillor. In order to keep everything in ...