Friday, 25 January 2019

Nat West to be Demolished

It seems the Nat West building in Totton is scheduled to be demolished in the near future. 

The building has remained empty since Nat West moved out in 2017, blaming a dangerous roof. When asked, Nat West didn't really give an answer as to when (if?) the branch would re-open, before finally confirming the closure was permanent in late 2018.

Since closing, the building has been covered in scaffolding, but this was removed early 2019. A quick check of the NFDC planning website revealed a plan to demolish the building altogether.

There is no news as to what is destined to replace it. Interestingly, I asked the question on Facebook as to what people would like to see in it's place..."a bank" was a popular answer!

It's disappointing that Nat West don't see Totton as important enough to have a branch. Whilst online banking is increasingly popular, some people still want to do their banking at a local branch . It's not the most attractive building so it's re-assuring that the owners of the site aren't going to leave the building empty. Hopefully they'll build something in its place that the public want and that will create employment opportunities for local people. 

To view the application in more detail go to: and search for "Nat West".

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